Our House Origins – A Chocolate 3D Advent Calendar House

This is our origin story.
Both my story and that of “Our House – Behind Closed Doors” Art Installation.

Our lives change in a split second. The course of our whole future becomes defined, precisely and specifically changed forever in a blink of an eye.

But yet in the moment that it happens we don’t even notice.

So this is where it all began.

A Chocolate Advent Calendar House

I was 19, it was almost Christmas and I was being nice to someone I thought was in need.

I was training to be a barrister. He was accused of rape. I went with him to see his solicitor, I wanted to observe the legal process up front and personal I guess. Naive.

So, his life was turning upside down and I wanted to cheer him up. That year Cadbury’s brought out A Chocolate Advent Calendar House, that was in the window display in a shop in the town centre. I thought it a novel gift. Something small to brighten his day.

His reaction was not what I expected. He laughed at me, told me it was stupid, berated me for an hour, until I felt so humiliated and embarrassed. Like some stupid little girl, that needed to grow up.

It was about a week later when he started hitting me.

Fast forward many years. I am now the CEO and founder of a Queen’s Award Winning Company. Running many projects including the AVS Project.

The AVS Project (Abuse Victim Support), supports and enhances the lives of individuals experiencing any of the following:-

  • Domestic, Sexual and/or Historic Abuse;
  • Mild to Moderate Mental Health Issues.
  • By providing skill attainment, education, artistic pursuits and counselling, clients are able to work with their case worker to create a personalised care plan, which can involve any of the following:-
  • · Free weekly One on One session with a Counsellor, Mentor or Life Coach.
  • · Participation in any of the NRP existing projects art and well-being projects
  • · Multi-agency support.
  • · Art / Healing Art Therapies
  • · Holistic Treatments

The AVS Project is part of the Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership. As part of this partnership I attended a meeting in 2015 to discuss that years 16 Days of Action.

Flash Back To A Chocolate Advent Calendar House

During the 16 days meeting, Jenny Bull of Victim Support mentioned something about Christmas and the memory of that night came back. Conversation continued in the background, but I was in the moment. I could hear him laughing at me, making me hate Christmas, feeling stupid; but then I was inspired. Before I even knew it my mouth opened and I said “What about a 3D advent calendar house?”

In that moment, I no longer felt stupid, in fact, I felt overjoyed, peaceful even. I mean.. who’s stupid now?

Naz Knight

Look Inside Our House Behind Closed Doors