16 Days Campaign – Orange The World

“Under the theme Orange the World: #HearMeToo, the UNiTE partners are encouraged to host events with local, national, regional and global women’s movements, survivor advocates and women human rights defenders and create opportunities for dialogue between activists, policy makers and the public. These events may take place through physical as well as through online platforms. Creative mediums and the arts may be used to support storytelling and advocacy through the voices of the women and girls.

As in previous years, the colour orange will be a key theme unifying all activities, with buildings and landmarks lit and decorated in orange to bring global attention to the initiative”.

Bedfordshire – Orange The World.

Our House has toured Bedfordshire since November 25th until today December 10th the final of those 16 days.

We have visited the following locations:

Howard Centre, Bedford

Galaxy Centre, Luton   

BPHA, Bedford Heights

Flitwick Leisure Centre 

Shefford Library           

Central Bedfordshire College       

Dunstable Library         

The Emerald Centre (SARC)

Cranfield University

Our House Touring Bedfordshire – Orange The World

A simple but effective concept, Our House origins that has been featured on BBC Look East (video in header) and was spearheaded by Debra Knight of NINE RED Presents… (CIC) and Jenny Bull of Victim Support at a Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership 16 Days meeting.

This year Our House toured in partnership with the Emerald Centre (SARC) and is part of the ONWARDS project that has been initiated by Debra Knight and Debbie Liverpool, following NRP‘s AVS model (Abuse Victim Support Project)

The Galaxy Centre, Luton has partnered with the 16 Days campaign and provided a home for Our House for each evening of the 16 Days.